CIY Has Been
Young People For Over 50 Years

At the core of CIY's history we have always existed as an internationally minded ministry.

Christ In Youth.

From the very beginning of Christ In Youth's ministry, we have called young people and leaders to boldly live for Jesus through the hope of the Gospel message and a call to Kingdom action. CIY has had the privilege to lead young people from over 50 countries to a life of kingdom work.

As an internationally minded ministry for young people, CIY launched in Europe in 2017, with our initial focus being led to work in Ireland. Through relationships, friendships, and importantly through invitations, we feel called to expand our work into Scotland. Our mission is to call youth to Christ and into a life of Kingdom Work through His Church. We believe that young people can actively serve as Kingdom Workers in their families, with friends, in schools, and throughout their communities. We want to help activate a young person’s faith and believe that God has big plans for young people in and through the Church across Europe.

What is a
Kingdom Worker.

A Kingdom Worker is a Christian who uses whatever sphere of influence he or she has to proclaim the message of Jesus. Kingdom Workers include teachers, mums, school sports players, bass guitarists, doctors and a countless list of others. Their ministry may look different, but they have each surrendered to Jesus, and are committed to using their gifts, abilities and relationships to advance His Kingdom.